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Needless to say, this has been the weirdest month ever. And collectively, we're all basically infectious disease experts now. Putting that on my resume for sure!

Sooo, Coronavirus jokes aside, like all things in the world right now, CU's rugby season has been canceled. The last games the Buffs payed in were in Las Vegas. We showed up to the Las Vegas 7s tourney... and that's about it. Our boys went win-less on the weekend. CU's a 15's school anyway!!

So what now? Should we all get on a zoom call? (NERDS!!!!!)

Maybe we can send funny memes that satire both dat 'rona and rugby?

A silver lining in all of this, is that the post-season that the buffs were suspended from, is canceled

Moving forward, CURL's (kinda) Monthly Newsletters are going to take on a much more broad focus... 

But for this month's newsletter, we'll leave you with some highlights from this past season. 2019 was a successful season for the Buffs, 7-1 in conference, and #20 in the country. We will build on this year's success, and keep the momentum going! 

Even through da-rona.

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