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November 2019

The team has been very busy over the last month! Playing four games against 3 ranked opponents.

10/12- #24 Utah Valley University (19-18 W) Down by one at half (7-8), the Buffs rallied in the second half to pull ahead 19-13. With seconds left, the Wolverines scored a try, but failed to convert, leaving the Buffs ahead by one (19-18) as the final whistle blew! Little known fact, close victories are still victories! MATCH PHOTOS

10/19- Air Force Academy (20-0 W) In the A-Side match, the Buffs blanked the Zoomies, 20-0, while scoring four unconverted tries. Great win on the road over a personal rival of mine! The Killer Bee's also played. Up, 21-15 at half, Air Force came back to win 32-28. MATCH PHOTOS

After two good wins, The Buffs started to get noticed. We spiked up to #22 in the 10/19 Goff Rankings.

10/24/19- #1 Life "University" (0-72 L) The Buffs took on #1 Life and it did not fare well for the boys, losing 0-72. For those of you who are asking yourself, "Life University? What's that all about?" Well let me tell you!! Its a Chiropractic school, located in Marietta, Georgia, their mascot is the "Running Eagle" (apparently the Chiropractors forgot that eagles can fly), and they've become a bit of a Rugby Power House in the last 10 years.

11/1- #19 Colorado State (36-5 W) Colorado took on the Colorado State last Saturday. The Buffs scored early and often against CSU. Scoring 36 before the Rams put up a single point! The rammies were able to get one unconverted try in stoppage time.... Good on the rams on never giving up, no matter the mountain they faced playing the Buffs! MATCH PHOTOS

Losing 36-5 puts a whole new meaning to "It Sucks to be a CSU Ram!" Goff article dated 11/3

At the end of a very successful four game stretch, the Buffs are currently raked #16 in the Goff Rankings, and #25 in the D1A Rankings. We have two games left; 11/9 against Utah State, and 11/16 against Wyoming, before playoffs on 11/23 and 11/30.

-- Just a side note on rankings. In the past, Rankings meant basically nothing, outside of bragging rights. If you win your Conference, you get into the 16 Team National Playoffs. In the new format, the top 16 Ranked teams designated by D1A Rugby make it to the Playoffs

So in short, rankings are the only thing that matter.  Good on you boys in climbing up these now very important ranks!

Upcoming Games

Wyoming Match this Saturday (11/16/19) at 1 PM on the lower fields at CU

New Initiatives

We have the following that we are going to roll out in the very near future:The CURL Online StoreYou'll be able to go to this store get your CURL gear and in doing so, continue to support the team.CURL groupsWe are working on focused efforts that will span to everyone in the CURL Alumni base.  These efforts include various ways to support the team.  We're withholding the full details in order to ensure we have our ducks in a row before these roll out.  Stay tuned!

Where Are They Now

Name: Charlie Euwema

Nickname: "Chuck-Deuce"

Nickname Origin: When Charlie Euwema arrived to play for CU rugby, there was already another Charley on the team.  That Charley suggested that the team not confuse the matter by allowing two people on the team with the same name.  Plus, that Charley was there first, so come on.  Hence, "Chuck-Deuce" was born into existence.  

CU Rugby: 2007 - 2010Position: Flyhalf and Fullback (Team Captain 2009, 2010)

Following graduation, Charlie coached the CU Men's Rugby 7's team from 2010 - 2011.  In 2011, he made his way to Wisconsin for his Engineering Structural Inspections job.  He basically gets to dive under water and inspect bridges!  Today, he is happily married and living in Bozeman, Montana.  Charlie is kicking ass and taking names at the same engineering job, now in Bozeman.  He is staying busy outside of work by hunting, taking care of his puppy Murphy and flirting with a mid 30's return to his local men's rugby team!

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