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The CU Rugby Legacy (CURL) Endowment was officially founded in 2021.  The endowment has been established with the primary purpose of sustainably supporting the current University of Colorado Men's Rugby team.  Learn more below about the endowment, FAQs and more.


The Endowment Today

The Endowment currently boasts a $45,000 balance (and growing). We have donors who have committed to contributing over $75,000 over the next three years.

In total, CURL's Endowment balance and committed donations sits at $120,000.  We have had amazing support so far from some keystone alumni.  That being said, we are seeking your support to help us reach our next milestone.


The Next Milestone

Our next milestone is to raise $200,000 for the CURL endowment.  Our first milestone has been achieved, and by doing so, the endowment is able to start earning interest on our cornerstone funds.  As the endowment contributions increase, the interest earning potential increases as well.



This is CURL's third milestone for the endowment.   Why $1,000,000? 

The CU Men's Rugby team has an estimated current annual operating budget of $60,000.  Currently, this is funded through the following:

  1. Player Dues

  2. Outside donor groups focused on marketing

  3. CURL

  4. One off donations

Our goal as it stands today is to support the current annual operating budget.  If the endowment has $1,000,000 in invested funds, we have an estimated annual production of $60,000 by way of the endowment's interest.


CURL was established to support the CU Men's Rugby team.  In light of this, the endowment at $1,000,000 is positioned to best do this. At this stage, we can fund the team's annual operating budget or look to frontiers like scholarships or other much wanted items.  

You can join us by attending our events which are in the Spring and Fall of each year or by coming and supporting the current CU Men's Rugby Team.  

If you would like to contribute financially to CURL, we are a 501c3 and all proceeds go to fund the current CU Men's Rugby Team.



The Cornerstone Donor Group is the first group of donors in the endowment.  This is open to CU Rugby Alumni and supporters to be the first wave of support for this historic opportunity.  Alumni have signed on to support CURL and we would like you to join us. 

This opportunity is open to those who donate to the CURL endowment in 2022.  To learn more or ask  questions, please email us here.  You can also donate below.

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