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February 2020

New year new me! I have been saying that in the mirror each morning over that last month... But I still feel the same... I'M STILL ADDICTED TO CU RUGBY!!!

The team's first tournament of the season will be in Las Vegas on February 13th. While Major League Rugby teams will be playing, D1A Rugby will be holding a qualifying tournament for the National 7s Championship later on in the year. The Buffs will be there, along with Life "University", Air Force, New Mexico, Utah Valley, Kutztown, Fordham, among others. Pool play is on Thursday, February 13, knockout rounds on February 14.

All-Conference teams for the Rocky Mountain Conference have been announced. After a great Fall 2019 campaign, quite a few Buffs received All-conference recognition.

· First XV: Nick Eldridge, Soren Heitmann, and Konstantin Zagustin,

· Second XV: Ellis Carroll, Marshall Franks, Jordan Savage, and Kevin Bankey,

· Honorable Mention: Jack Miller

· Freshman: Charlie Quinn, Jack Rocchio, and Angus Skinner.

Where Are They Now:

• Name: Tommy Pasque

• Nickname: Tommy, TP

• Nickname Origin: Its his initials...

• CU Rugby Years: 2005-2010

• Position: #8

After finishing an excellent college career, which included two appearances in the national 16-team tournament, one final-four appearance, and three-time All-American honors, Tommy went into the wine business, then mechanical engineering, then fitness, before finding his passion in software development and website design. Along the way he married his college neighbor, Courtney. Today, Tommy is the owner and chief executive of Mercantyle, proud owner of a vast collection of wines, a house in South Denver, and a dog named Bonnie. Tommy and his Wife Courtney are expecting a new baby, due this summer! CONGRATS ON THE SEX, BIG DAWG!

New Initiatives:

We have the following that we are going to roll out in the very near future:

• The CURL Online Store: We are currently finalizing efforts to open the online store. We are targeting the launch of the online store by March.

• CURL groups: We are working on focused efforts that will span to everyone in the CURL Alumni base. These efforts include various ways to support the team. We're withholding the full details in order to ensure we have our ducks in a row before these roll out. Stay tuned!

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