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January 2020

The Buffs ended the fall season on November 16 by taking care of Wyoming 50-14. Finishing the season 7-2 (5-1 in league play), #20 in the D1A Rankings, and 3rd (**2nd) in the Rocky Mountain Division. 

If not for the forfeit of the New Mexico Game, the Buffs would have been in 2nd and seeking revenge against BYU in the Rocky Mountain Championship Final.  Our replacement, CSU chose not to show up! They must have been too distraught from their 36-5 beat-down we gave them a few weeks back! It Sucks to be a CSU Ram, indeed!

At the end of a successful Fall 2019 campaign, the team has accomplished quite a lot; Beat CSU, Beat Air Force, and #20 in the D1A Rankings. While this is a great start to head coach, Chris Hanson's tenure at CU. He has let it be known that this is just the beginning! Going into 2020 and beyond, the coaching staff and players will want to continue their dominance in Colorado, while seeking to expand their dominance over Utah (specifically BYU), the Conference, and nationally!

These goals are quite lofty, but can be achieved by building on the team's fitness and recruiting top talent, both nationally and internationally. The coaching staff has been hard at work these last few weeks striving towards these goals.

With that being said, the link between a large alumni and booster network and tangible success on the field is stronger now more than ever.  Please see below for different ways for help out.

Going into the Spring 2020 season, there are no scheduled games for real rugby, but 7's season schedule will be announced by the Conference soon.  The team is also working on setting up friendlies for full on rugby.  Once games are announced, we will report out!

Where Are They NowName: Charlie BarkmeierNickname: BarkyNickname Origin: Family nickname through rugby – grew up as “Little Barky”CU Rugby Years: 2010-2014Position: #8

After moving to Cleveland to work with KeyBank (Thanks Coach Edris) following graduation, Charlie is now back in the Denver area working for local financial advisory firm Gainline Financial Partners. In September of this year he tied the knot with Maria, whom he met at CU Rugby’s world famous cocktail party many years ago. Charlie continues to be involved in CU Rugby, Boulder Rugby, and sits on the advisory board for the CU-Boulder Alumni Association.

New Initiatives We have the following that we are going to roll out in the very near future:The CURL Online StoreYou'll be able to go to this store get your CURL gear and in doing so, continue to support the team.CURL groupsWe are working on focused efforts that will span to everyone in the CURL Alumni base.  These efforts include various ways to support the team.  We're withholding the full details in order to ensure we have our ducks in a row before these roll out.  Stay tuned! --

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Send us your suggestions Please visit the CURL website Please send all donations HERE. See below for some old CU Rugby Alumni photos. Send us your photos

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