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October 2019

Hello and welcome to the new-look CURL Newsletter! A monthly letter dedicated to keeping the alumni up to date on club news, current events, past teammates, and anything else CU!


CU Rugby’s season has started off with a convincing win at New Mexico, on September 21st. Both the A’s and Killer Bee’s had blowout victories (79-12 and 46-5 respectively).  With 7 try scorers for the A’s and 6 for the B’s, there looks to be a solid amount of depth for both our sides! MATCH PHOTOS

Facing stiffer competition on September 28, the club played #10 BYU. After keeping it close in the first half, down 14-0 at half, BYU pulled away in the second, beating us 42-5. The B's had a similar result... Tough result, but I'd be lying if I were to tell you that I've never been blown out by BYU!

Our next game is the home opener, against the #24 Utah Valley on October 12th! Times and locations can be found on the club’s website. Go show your support!! You can also follow the club on twitter. For live updates of each game.


The CURL have had a lot of changes in recent months, and while our number 1 focus will be to support the team financially (DONATE HERE, btw), we want to keep everyone up to date on the current team, as well as past players. To do this, we need to re-engage with past players. CU was more than just rugby to most alumni. We were students, football and basketball fans, and even frat bros.  Our goal is to keep you updated in all things CU.  Please send back your feedback, and anything you'd like to be shared in these newsletters. And, please visit the CURL website if you are interested in getting involved.  Lastly, I would like to share some photos from my CU Rugby experience (see below), in hopes it’ll persuade other guys to do the same. I hope to share the best / funniest / most embarrassing pictures with the alumni each month.

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